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Why does Northwest Spay and Neuter Center have a fundraising auction?

Why does Northwest Spay and Neuter Center have a fundraising auction? If this is your first time reading this newsletter, maybe you’ve never heard of Whiskers, Wine and Dine.  However, if you are a regular reader, you are probably pretty familiar with the fact that Whiskers Wine and Dine is our annual gala-style fundraising auction. …
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What should I be feeding my pet?

Since we see more than 13,000 pets a year, we get so many questions about pets. They range from ‘why does my pet snore’ to ‘why has this rash been there for 7 years’. One of the most popular questions, however, is:   What should I be feeding my pet? Browsing the scores of pet…
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Kids headed into summer break? Don’t forget about the pets!

Your kids will probably spend a lot of time with your pets this summer.  From playing outdoors in the yard to swimming to cuddling up and watching movies in the evening, there’s no doubt that your children and pets will have a lot of time to bond. When the kids come home for summer break,…
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120,000 Surgeries … That’s A Whole Lotta Saved Lives.

This is an amazing feat for any animal welfare organization, but for an organization as young as ours, we couldn’t be more proud. Northwest Spay and Neuter Center has been a free-standing high volume spay and neuter clinic only since 2008. Approximately 7 million animals enter U.S. shelters every year and half of those animals…
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Whiskers, Wine & Dine 2019 – Event FAQs

Our 2019 event is just around the corner! We look forward to seeing you to celebrate another successful year, and to raise money to support our important mission. As the event grows closer and with a few changes in store this year, we’ve crafted these FAQ’s to help minimize any surprises.   What should I…
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Petcurean Secures Top Dog Sponsorship

The Northwest Spay and Neuter Center welcomes Petcurean as a Top Dog sponsor for our 15th annual fundraising event, Whiskers, Wine & Dine. Petcurean, a premium pet food manufacturer based in Canada, adheres to the philosophy of putting pets first, and that belief is core to every decision it makes – from formulating recipes to…
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