Donations, Dental Services, and Adopting

Donations, Dental, and Adoption


Wondering How to Help?

Donations are necessary for almost all nonprofit organizations to operate, but this is especially true for animal rescue organizations and shelters. With so many homeless dogs and little to no support from the government, private donations are the backbone of shelters and clinics like Auburn Valley Humane Society and Northwest Spay and Neuter Center.  Want to know how you can help the animals we care for?  Read on!  

It might seem obvious, but money is at the top of every shelter’s wish list.  Auburn Valley Humane Society and Northwest Spay and Neuter Center work on tight budgets and can always use additional funds to provide care for more pets. Pets that are being surrendered these days are often coming to the shelter with preexisting medical conditions, or in need of dental or spay and neuter surgery.  Funds that come to the shelter go directly to providing high quality care and nutritious food for our animals as long as they are with us.  

A huge chunk of our shelter’s budget is spent on food, especially because there are usually a lot of animals in the shelter. Donating pet food, dry and wet is a big BIG help.  We’ve outlined what we know our furry friends love in our donate section, and have included that at the end of this entry.  

Adopting a dog or cat or other pet is one way to help any animal rescue shelter, but it’s not the only one. If you can’t provide a forever home for an animal in need at this time, you can always donate money or supplies to help Auburn Valley Humane Society and Northwest Spay and Neuter Center run with less stress, even on a tight budget.  The animals thank you from the bottom of their big, furry hearts.  We’ve created sections within each page to help you streamline your search: Things and Money  Your support means the world to us! 

Dental Services

Does My Pet Need Dental Care? 

One of the causes for pet surrenders can be the mounting cost of veterinary care.  Unfortunately, some pets have issues that go undetected because they lack regular, preventive wellness care.  When adhering to regularly scheduled veterinary visits, your pet’s teeth will be checked at the same time they are examined for parasites and other issues.  Why are dental exams so important for pets, you ask?  We’ll tell you!  

According to the American Veterinary Dental Association, up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease by the time they reach the age of 3. When left unchecked, dental disease can result in pain, tooth decay, tooth loss, and infection, both of the tissues in the mouth and the vital organs of the body. Poor oral health can significantly decrease your pet’s lifespan, which is a terrible outcome!  

Just like people, pets require comprehensive dental examinations and cleanings to maintain good oral health throughout their lifetime. Professional exams and cleanings require the pet to be under general anesthesia. This allows veterinarians and staff to examine the entire mouth, probe and clean each tooth, and take dental x-rays to get an accurate picture of what is happening both above and below the gumline.  Establishing a baseline is a great place to start if dental care has not been a part of your veterinary schedule so far.  We’ll even offer you some tips to try at home.

Home pet dental care is the cornerstone of good oral health. The idea of brushing your pet’s teeth may not seem fun or likely, but we assure you that with patience and persistence most pets can learn to tolerate, and even enjoy, tooth-brushing. Some ideas to help you get started are as follows: 

  • Allow your pet to sniff and lick the toothbrush, reward them with praise and treats.  There are a variety of toothbrushes available including ones that fit on a fingertip.  This makes the task interactive and even a bonding activity.  
  • Begin by rubbing your pet’s teeth and gums with a finger or wet washcloth (always follow up with praise and a treat), then progress to a pet-specific toothbrush when they seem ready.
  • Keep sessions short and gentle. You only need to brush the outside of the teeth, paying particular attention to the back molars.
  • Choose a pet-specific toothpaste approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council ( Never use human grade toothpaste, as many contain ingredients that are toxic to pets, such as Xylitol.  Believe it or not, there are beef and chicken flavored toothpastes on the market and pets actually really like them! 
  • Aim to brush three times per week minimum (daily is better). Some pets take longer than others to accept tooth brushing, so keep at it.

It’s not too late to start taking care of those teeth.  Did you know NWSNC offers dental services now?  Northwest Spay and Neuter Center has been the leader in affordable, high-quality sterilization services since our inception.  By now you know we’ve added wellness services to include dental care to our menu of high-quality services because of a growing need for non-emergency, wellness-based treatment options for affordable veterinary care.  While we are not a full service veterinary hospital, we are committed to providing quality preventative care to the pets in our community.  No family should have to consider surrendering a pet because veterinary care is financially out of reach.  We look forward to serving our furry friends now and into the future.  As always, check our website and social media for the most current information on scheduling any service.


Adopt!  That’s it.  That’s the statement.  

The “adopt, don’t shop” campaign originated to bring awareness to the skyrocketing number of homeless animals.  It was designed to encourage prospective pet owners to adopt a pet from a shelter or a rescue instead of purchasing one from a pet store or a puppy mill.

The idea behind the movement being that by adopting a pet, instead of supporting the aforementioned parties, the population of animals without a home would dwindle.  Unfortunately, this movement has been picked up in recent times and has taken a turn, demonizing anyone who wants a purebred dog, criticizing reputable breeders and dog owners alike.  This approach doesn’t demonstrate inclusivity, nor is it generally helpful to lead with hate or criticism.  

People taking the “adopt, don’t shop” mentality to the extreme have ignored the crucial distinction between puppy mills, irresponsible breeders, and pet stores vs. reputable breeders.

The campaign was never intended to lump together reputable and preservation breeders with parties who only wish to make a profit off of breeding dogs with no thought given to their health, structure and temperament.  And furthermore, the “adopt, don’t shop” campaign was never intended to drive people apart as it has.  

Pets bring unconditional joy to our lives.  Auburn Valley Humane Society and Northwest Spay and Neuter Center want to focus on that joy.  We are always excited to help match you with a pet that fits your lifestyle and your family.  When you adopt from our shelter, you’re helping that pet as much as you are helping yourself!  If the right pet for you isn’t among our population right now, we are certainly glad to help in any other way we can.  Supporting us is supporting our animals, whether they come home with you today or not. 

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