Dental Services

Dental Services

Northwest Spay and Neuter Now Offers Dentistry Services

We now offer dentistry services for both cats and dogs! Below is a list of our current dental services offered at NWSN. If you have any questions about our dentistry, feel free to contact us. 

Basic cleanings

Starting at $355

Procedures with extractions

From $599 - $1,499

Routine Dental Cleaning with full mouth radiographs


Dental Procedures with Full Mouth Radiographs and Extractions

$599 - $1499 depending on a severity of dental disease.

Dental Exams (pre-op)

Dental Exams (pre-op) are $49.  If bloodwork is recommended, cost is $79.
At the dental pre-op appointment we will be able to narrow down the estimate for the dental procedure.


Veterinary Oral Health Council