Pet Wellness Appointments

The exciting news from Northwest Spay and Neuter Center is that we are now offering pet wellness appointments!  We began to operate a non-profit wellness clinic within our existing facility to ensure all pet owners have access to low-cost veterinary care like affordable vaccinations, microchips, dewormer, and flea prevention.  Our clinic is staffed by licensed veterinarians and registered veterinary support staff with services offered to households qualified by income.

Veterinarians recommend regular wellness exams for the same reason your physician and dentist recommend them – if you can detect a problem in its early stages, it’s more likely to be treated and resolved with less expense, less difficulty, and better success.

You may have heard the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and we agree. Vaccinations, flea prevention, and routine deworming are important components of wellness care and can prevent diseases that are not only life-threatening, but very expensive to treat.

It is important to note that we are not a full-service veterinary clinic and do not treat sick or injured pets. Additionally, wellness visits are NOT surgery appointments. They are pet wellness exams used for updating vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and treating for fleas.

For a comprehensive list of wellness services and pricing see our website for additional information. Northwest Spay and Neuter Center and Auburn Valley Humane Society are committed to offering high-quality services to members of the community at an affordable price point.

 Remember that pets age far faster than humans do, which is why we want to catch and start treating any diseases as early as possible. Early diagnosis can not only provide you with an early, more affordable start on treatment but can also give your pet a better quality of life.

In many cases, wellness screening may reveal that your pet is healthy, which is great for your peace of mind. If your pet is in need of wellness services, please contact us today!

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