Our hard-working team of furry friend lovers work hard to ensure your pet is in good hands while on site at our clinic. This talented group takes the time to get to know your pet, to call them by name and care for them as if they were one of their very own. Our furry patients make our days that much brighter.

Staff List

Interim Director of Public Services - Dr. Emily Purvis, DVM, MBA

Community & Development Manager - Brian Saraceno-Oliveri

Lead Veterinarian - Abby Snodgrass, DVM

Veterinarian - Erin Donovan, DVM


Lead Licensed Veterinary Technician - Michelle Wetlzer

Licensed Veterinary Technician - Rachel Lundy

Licensed Veterinary Technician - Tina Reed

Licensed Veterinary Technician - Heather Gascon

Licensed Veterinary Technician - Julianne Swenson


Lead Veterinary Assistant - Sandy Petersen

Veterinary Assistant - Jade Todd

Veterinary Assistant - Kassandra Withrow

Front Desk Assistants

Tallee Brewer

Zeri Hoskins

Sarah Gavre

Amy Wingate


Lead Animal Care Technician

Jessie Carner


Animal Care Technicians

Amber Longsdorf

Nadine Ogrine


Facilities Manager

Liz Perfect