Season of Gratitude


Some people may argue that pets don’t have the same ability as humans to express gratitude. While our dogs and other family pets may have a different way of expressing their love and appreciation, it is difficult to look into a dog’s eyes and not feel his or her affections. Since this is the season of giving, where family and friends come together to reflect upon everything we appreciate, it is worth taking pause to notice the many ways our dogs express love and gratitude. They may not bark out a clear “thank you” but a pup’s actions speak louder than words.

Whether it is following you everywhere, lying at your feet, or crawling beside you every chance they get, dogs like to be close to people they are thankful to have in their life. If your beloved pets want to be by your side (or even right on top of you) at all times, chances are they are trying to show you their love and affection.  

Cats love us too, but they seem to be a little more reserved with their displays of affection.  Sure, they may lay on you, but often it is at 2am and the reason for it is related to the food bowl being empty.

How do you show gratitude for your furry friends?

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