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Due to the high demand of helping reduce overpopulation in the feral cat community, we offer scheduled and walk-in feral cat appointments only. We strongly recommend that you call us to make an appointment for feral cats as we cannot guarantee walk-in appointments.

We understand the amount of time it takes to trap a feral cat and would love to take every feral cat brought to us each day, but for the safety of all the animals we see, this is just not possible. Scheduled feral cat appointments do not require a deposit.  We ask that if your trapping was unsuccessful, please call or email to cancel your appointment so another trapper can utilize it.


New drop off time for feral cats will be at 10 am.


All feral cats MUST come individually in a live, humane trap. There are no exceptions.
As per our already existing policy, no transfers from carriers to traps will be allowed in your car, our parking lot, or in our building. If a feral cat does not arrive in a trap, we will not accept the cat the same day.

We offer trap rentals at no charge for those in need. If you need to rent a trap, please visit our clinic Monday – Friday, from 10 am – 4 pm prior to bringing any feral cats in carriers.

Our Feral Cat Package service fee is a $25 copay.


Please note: If a feral cat is found to be overtly friendly, full pricing will be applied. Overtly friendly is defined as able to be handled with NO fear of humans. Please talk with one of our staff members for more information and resources.

The package is for feral cats only, and includes spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccine, ear tip (required), tattoo, and flea treatment (if needed).


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