How COVID-19 is actually HELPING animals


What a weird concept, right?  How could this international pandemic and the feelings of social isolation turn out to be a good thing?  We are experiencing something like nothing we’ve experienced before, and the restrictions on our daily activities seem endless.  And with all of the chaos and uncertainty, a little glimmer of hope for shelter pets is showing itself.

Fostering pets in family homes has increased by more than 50% throughout the United States during this pandemic.  Families who are social distancing are finding that feelings of isolation are lessened significantly in the company of a pet, who otherwise would have found himself in a shelter.  Pets in shelters are still receiving the quality care that they deserve, but nothing beats the feeling of sleeping on a couch in the home of a human family.

Shelters are crediting social media campaigns for increased awareness and interest in fostering.  The need for fosters will remain once we are permitted to resume normal activities.  If you are interested in changing the lives of pets in need through fostering, please register as a volunteer with your local shelter. 

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