Community Partner Spotlight
Animal Aid & Rescue Foundation (AARF)

AARF logo

Our partner highlight this month is our friends at Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation, or adorably abbreviated: AARF.  Animal Aid & Rescue Foundation is dedicated to supporting and promoting the preservation and well-being of all animals, wherever the need exists.

AARF’s focus is to be a constant and powerful source of information and assistance for the public.  AARF provides continued support through their “Angel Fund” where they are able to help with medical expenses when people cannot cover them for their animals.  AARF also created alliances with local pet stores and distributors who provide dog food donations that are distributed to those in need. Through the Foundation, individuals and rescue groups will find assistance in their efforts and support for their causes.

In the past couple of years AARF has built relationships with rural rescues in the south to bring dogs up to the northwest that would otherwise be euthanized.  AARF provides food and medical care and the amazing fosters give them love and support until they can find the perfect forever home for them.  Northwest Spay and Neuter Center has provided care for a number of these animals, and we are always honored and humbled to watch the compassion in action among organizations like AARF.

AARF solidly believes that in working with rescue animals, they will not only save lives but also discover the depth of compassion within themselves.  Sharing that compassion with friends and family is what helps strengthen our larger community.

Learn more about AARF’s work by visiting their Facebook page.

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