A Corporate Sponsor Perspective: Colvos Construction

Colvos Construction

Whiskers Wine and Dine sponsor, and longtime fan, partnered with Northwest Spay and Neuter Center’s efforts in helping end pet overpopulation.  Colvos will focus community support in 2020 to decreasing homelessness and improving animal welfare, and they invite you to join in as well.

The vision of Colvos Construction is to become a recognized and reputable regional builder. They strive to accomplish this vision by attracting the region’s most talented team members and modestly grow over time in accordance with the strengths of their employees.  This vision is not too different from that of Northwest Spay and Neuter Center.

Working together with their network of subcontractors, clients, and commercial brokers and property managers, Colvos hopes to increase awareness and support Northwest Spay and Neuter Center with funds and resources to sustain their daily operations. The team visited the clinic in mid-January to get an in-depth look at the daily operations that target pet overpopulation at the basic level.  This team had varying levels of background knowledge of the clinic, and asked insightful questions, and sought clarification on how they could serve as advocates for the clinic.

A construction company and a high-volume spay and neuter clinic may seem, at first glance, like an unlikely match.  However, the compassion within the people that represent these two companies will always be what makes our partnership wonderful.  Colvos Construction is everything that makes this part of the world great: dedicated, committed, involved, and whole.

Is your company seeking an organization with similar values?  Drop us a line! 

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