Why does Northwest Spay and Neuter Center have a fundraising auction?

Why does Northwest Spay and Neuter Center have a fundraising auction?

If this is your first time reading this newsletter, maybe you’ve never heard of Whiskers, Wine and Dine.  However, if you are a regular reader, you are probably pretty familiar with the fact that Whiskers Wine and Dine is our annual gala-style fundraising auction.  Funds raised at Whiskers Wine and Dine support the work we are able to do in the community, thus contributing heavily to the mission of ending pet overpopulation.

A traditional charity auction is an event where goods or services are sold off to the highest bidder. The money then goes toward a specific cause or project. Live auctions are exciting events that involve quick bidding and a fast-talking auctioneer with a gavel. They’re what most people think of when auctions come up. During a silent auction, attendees walk around to tables or booths where items or descriptions of items are placed. They place bids on sheets of paper at the tables.  Dessert auctions are the best of all worlds, and bids are placed on paper prior to dinner starting, and designated runners sprint to the dessert table when their table number is called.  The tables with the highest collective bids get the pick of all of the desserts available.  It’s amazing how quickly people can move when there is a fudge torte on the line!

Whiskers Wine and Dine has all of these elements, plus a raise the paddle portion. Fundraising events in general are great at bringing donors and nonprofits closer together, but charity auctions can strengthen that bond even more, because everyone in the room is there in support of a cause that is near and dear to them. Pets have a magical way of bringing people closer together, and this is no exception.

While Northwest Spay and Neuter Center is a mighty organization with a huge positive impact on pet overpopulation, we are a surprisingly small organization as well. We rely on volunteers to help create the top notch experience the night of Whiskers Wine and Dine. Is this something you would love to be a part of?

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