Pet Behavior Help Resources

May 7, 2021

Chewing and digging are normal dog behaviors. But if you’re coming home to chewed shoes, gnawed furniture legs or gouges around the door frame, your dog could be suffering from separation anxiety.  Destructiveness is a common anxiety symptom that can include chewing, digging and scratching household objects around the home. Some dogs will also carry…

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Corporate Support for Whiskers Wine and Dine

November 5, 2019

Throughout the year, we talk as much as possible about our annual fundraiser, Whiskers Wine, and Dine. This fun event will be held on March 14th, 2020, at the Mcgavick Conference Center at Clover Park Technical College.  The proceeds from the event go directly to support our life-saving work, and target overpopulation with prevention. Every…

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