Animal Shuttle Service for pets being altered at our clinic now being added at locations near you!
Find out more on our Animal Shuttle page.

Special Programs


This program is to offer assistance to pit-bull dogs. Fix-a-Bull is a $50 discount on surgery with no geographic restrictions for the cost of surgery. Any additional services (such as vaccines, pain medications, microchips and e-collars) must be covered by the owner.

Project Catnip

For feral and free-roaming cats we offer a special program titled “Project Catnip”, which is a package of services including: spaying or neutering, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, a tattoo, ear tip and ear mite treatment (if needed). This package is not for pet cats. The fee for “Project Catnip” is $10 per cat. Donations for these services are greatly appreciated.

Feral/Free-roaming cats must be brought to the clinic in a humane live trap. Traps are available for loan from our clinic. For more information about feral/free-roaming cats and the services we offer, please visit the Feral/Free-Roaming Cat section of our website.

Do I qualify for the special?

Please view this income guidelines table and compare your annual income and number of family members with the county you live in. If your income is below the number shown, you qualify! If your county is not listed on this table, please contact us to see if you qualify.

Another option for low-income residents is Pasado’s Safe Haven Spay Station.