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Happy Client Corner

Penny Puppy, Perfectly Precious

It’s not everyone’s favorite “holiday,” but April 15th was the best Tax Day ever at Northwest Spay & Neuter Center, because we got to meet and care for the appropriately-named Penny.

When Judy adopted a wiggly, adorable cocker spaniel puppy from a family who could no longer keep her due to their son’s allergies, she knew she’d need to get Penny spayed soon. Judy understands that spay and neuter are crucial to ending the overpopulation of pets that leads to euthanasia. She was happy to learn that Northwest Spay & Neuter Center would be able to spay Penny at three months of age, before she went into heat or risked pregnancy. As a pediatric patient, there were lots of advantages for Penny: getting spayed before her first heat means almost no risk of mammary gland tumors (the commonest tumor of intact female dogs); a faster and easier surgery; and reduced risk of complications. While spay and neuter has benefits for pets of all ages, making sure young animals are sterilized before they run the risk of reproducing is key to keeping unwanted litters out of shelters and off the streets. And now, without having to worry about hassles of heat cycles and pregnancy, Penny is free to just be her sweet puppy self and enjoy her family.

Judy calls Penny “so adorable” and is glad that, after her surgery, the little spaniel “made a speedy recovery” and was soon back to “pestering” Judy’s other two dogs, Bastian and JuJu. (Penny doesn’t just get spoiled by her humans—she has a terrier and a Chihuahua mix wrapped around her little paw.) Northwest Spay & Neuter Center is proud and grateful to be able to offer affordable spay and neuter services to clients like Judy, who also took the opportunity to have Penny microchipped and vaccinated during her visit. Keeping pets healthy, happy, and at home with their people? Now that’s not taxing at all.

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