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Happy Client Corner

A Tale of Two Tuxes

We don’t always hear much from the families who adopt our Humane Society patients. That’s why we’re so happy to profile Jack Ryan, a roguishly handsome tuxedo cat who was our “adoptable of the day” one day last February.

Rebecca, a hairstylist and salon owner from Parkland, saw him on Facebook and knew he was the right addition to her little family. She had had a two-cat household, but her duo had recently broken up: “James Bond still lives with me, while Moneypenny moved on to bigger and better things. I knew James needed a friend but I just hadn't found ‘that cat’.” James Bond is a dignified tuxedo cat, and when Rebecca saw Jack on NWSNC’s Facebook page with his matching black and white good looks, “something said he was the one. When I brought him home, the two looked at each other as if to say ‘hey, nice tuxedo’. They still don't snuggle, but they will lie next to each other on top of me.”

In looking for a second kitty, Rebecca chose to adopt Jack from the Humane Society because she had previously adopted two cats from there, and knew how much love shelter pets bring to a home. It turns out Jack was a great choice. A year in, the two gentlemen get along well despite a big age difference. Rebecca thinks Jack, the younger cat, brings out the kitten in James. “Before Jack came along, James had no idea how to play with a laser pointer. I suppose you can teach an old cat new tricks!”

We are glad Rebecca chose to adopt (and, by adopting, chose a neutered cat!), and it’s great to hear that Jack has settled in with James for the life of luxury they both deserve. Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing Jack’s story—and for helping save lives through prevention by adopting from your local shelter.

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