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Handsome PJ

Nicole’s house felt empty and sad after her Boston Terrier passed. She missed caring for and lavishing affection on a family pet.

At the same time Nicole was grieving for her dog and wondering if the time was right to bring a new pet into her home, some friends of hers learned they would soon have to relocate due to a new military assignment. Unfortunately, their new home wouldn’t allow pets — which meant one very handsome black and white kitty was going to need to find a new place to live. Was it fate?

According to Nicole, PJ “adjusted to us right away with playtime and cuddles.” Nicole had a furry new friend to love, and PJ had a new household to conquer with his dashing good looks and winning personality. The only thing left to do was get the boy neutered.

Just in case PJ ever got out, his family wanted to make sure he didn’t contribute to the overpopulation of cats. They had also read up on some of the less-than-appealing behaviors displayed by some unaltered male cats, and wanted to avoid the roaming, marking, and spraying associated with Tom cats. PJ’s owners’ friend Roberta recommended Northwest Spay & Neuter Center.

Some folks might be nervous, dropping off their beloved pet for a surgical procedure, even one as routine as spay/neuter. PJ says he had a “wonderful experience with Northwest Spay & Neuter Center! The staff made sure I was comfy and taken care of. They made sure to tuck me in at night and did their best to make me feel better after surgery.”

When he got home, PJ’s mom fastened a cone collar around his neck — which PJ wrestled with, but soon got used to. He received pain medication, and when Nicole noticed his appetite decreased, she called the clinic and got some interesting advice: try baby food! Nicole fed PJ a little baby food to boost his appetite. Within a couple days, PJ was back to his old self.

PJ says, “Thank you, Northwest Spay & Neuter Center, for taking such great care of me! I told all my cat and dog friends to see you!” We appreciate the word-of-mouth, PJ! In fact, we hear from Nicole that her family has adopted a new dog, Dakota, who will soon visit us for her spay surgery. We can’t wait to meet PJ’s canine “sister.”

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Neutered Cat Neutered Cat

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