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Happy Client Corner

Penelope the Bunny

By Macy, Age 10

Penelope is my cute and cuddly Netherland Dwarf rabbit. I wanted a rabbit of my own for a long time, but my parents kept telling me I had to be older before I could have one. Finally, on my tenth birthday, they loaded me and my sister, along with my two brothers, in the family car and told us we were headed out on an adventure. We drove to Shelton and when we finally pulled up in front of a house, I still had no idea what we were doing! We walked up to the front porch where a woman was holding a large box. Inside the box were four small adorable rabbits. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I chose an 8-week-old gray female and named her “Penelope” on the drive home. I was thrilled to finally have a rabbit!

Having a pet has been a definite adjustment for our family (we have chickens, but we don’t count them as “pets”). Penelope has lived in our garage, my bedroom, and has finally settled in our bonus room. She has a cage, but also a fenced-in area in which to run around. She loves to escape her enclosure! When she does escape, her favorite place to hide is under my parent’s bed. Several times they have awoken in the middle of the night to her scampering about and chewing on random bits of cardboard. One of my favorite things to do is to bring her down to our living room. She is so excited about all the open space that she jumps and twirls in the air. I had no idea that rabbits could be so frisky, and so mischievous.

This past January, my older sister Sidney decided to get a rabbit of her own. We read that a female rabbit and a male rabbit make good companions, so she got an 8-week-old black rabbit (also a Netherland Dwarf) which she named “Licorice”. Since we do not want baby bunnies, we started researching options for getting Penelope spayed. My mom went online and found the Northwest Spay & Neuter Center almost immediately. After calling a few veterinary hospitals in our area, my mom decided that the Northwest Spay & Neuter Center was definitely the way to go. The cost was so reasonable, we didn’t mind the drive!

Penelope had a great experience at the Northwest Spay & Neuter Center. She was treated with great care and even had her picture featured on their Facebook page. We’re planning to bring in my sister’s rabbit to be neutered this summer. We’ve heard that spaying and neutering rabbits makes them happier in general and can even help them to live longer. Plus, no babies!

Next on our rabbit agenda? We’re working on a design for an outdoor hutch and run for the rabbits. We think they will love all the sounds, sights, and smells the great outdoors will bring them. Thank you, Northwest Spay & Neuter Center!

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