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Kupo the Adventurer

By S.D. Galindo, M. Ed.

Lyndsey lives an active life, taking advantage of the many opportunities the Pacific Northwest offers: hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and just enjoying the rugged beauty of the region. But Lyndsey and her fiancé, Chad, realized something — or rather, someone — was missing from their adventures.

When Lyndsey was a baby, her family included a Samoyed, a dog Lyndsey’s mother remembered fondly as great with children: patient, calm, and willing to put up with lots of affection in the form of, as Lyndsey puts it, “wet, slobbery, baby kisses.” Lyndsey and Chad agreed the time was right to add a Samoyed to their family. After some searching they found a puppy available in Olympia, and it’s been a wild ride with Kupo ever since.

One of the reasons Lyndsey and Chad sought a Samoyed was the desire for a dog who would be great with their future (human) children. Lyndsey says Kupo is already helping them prepare for kids: “Kupo keeps us on our toes! We’ve definitely had to puppy-proof our house.” Any extra work is worthwhile, though, because Lyndsey says Kupo makes their family feel more complete. “We love bringing him along to go hiking, camping, the drive-in movie theater, and to the dog park (he is always ready to play, with human or dog alike.) We are excited for his first snowshoeing experience this winter.” Samoyeds are true working dogs, intelligent and energetic, so Lyndsey and Chad are smart to keep Kupo busy. It’s a safe bet this Siberian breed will appreciate his first snowshoe adventure!

Because he’s part of the family, Kupo’s owners want to keep him close to home, not running after female dogs. Although Chad and Lyndsey were committed to having Kupo neutered, they were taken aback by the price. Lyndsey recalls visiting the Humane Society’s website to search for less expensive options and finding NWSNC. They were glad they did: “We would recommend Northwest Spay & Neuter Center to anyone! They were so kind to our Kupo and to us, and they went above and beyond. Kupo had a baby tooth that would not fall out and it was starting to turn brown. We thought we were going to have to take him to the vet to get it removed but the veterinarian at NWSNC took it out. We are so grateful to the staff at NWSNC!”

When Lyndsey and Chad marry next spring, Kupo gets to be part of the festivities. Lyndsey says she and Chad “can’t imagine not having Kupo as part of the wedding. Our baby will be walking down the aisle as either the ring bearer or carrying a sign that says ‘Here comes the love of your life.’” With his sweet ‘Samoyed smile’ and charming demeanor, Kupo is sure to be a hit. As Julie says, Kupo “is part of the family so he has to be in the wedding.” Sounds like Kupo’s Happily Ever After adventure is already in progress.

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