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Happy Client Corner

A Family Affair

By S.D. Galindo, M. Ed.

Kiera’s mom, Desiree, made her a deal. If she could maintain straight-A grades for several years, she could pick out any pet she wanted. Kiera held up her end of the bargain and surprised her mother by asking for a pet rabbit. Although Kiera initially wanted to purchase a baby bunny from the pet store, Desiree used this as a teaching moment for her daughter and insisted on rescuing a rabbit in need of a home. Their local shelter did not have any rabbits available at the time, so Kiera would have to wait.

A few months later Desiree was contacted by an Animal Control Officer who had found four young rabbits that had been abandoned. Other than being underweight, they were in good shape and needed a foster home. Desiree wasn’t sure, as four bunnies sounded like an awful lot, but she took Kiera to pick up the bunnies and instantly fell in love. Desiree got to work modifying their rabbit hutch to safely house three male rabbits, and one female rabbit. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, the female bunny, named Shenron, gave birth to a baby bunny only a few days later, leaving Desiree and Kiera with five rabbits to care for.

The owner of the rabbits never came forward to claim them, so the family decided to keep the bunnies. Knowing the importance of spay and neuter, Desiree started looking around for places to have the bunnies altered. She quickly found out that finding affordable rabbit spay and neuter services can be quite a challenge. “I was trying to figure out how I could afford to have the rabbits fixed safely and affordably so I would be able to keep them all,” says Desiree. After checking with several local veterinarians, she was faced with an estimate of over a thousand dollars for all five bunny surgeries. Eventually she found Northwest Spay & Neuter Center online and booked appointments for her entire bunny crew after reading all the positive reviews.

Now that all the bunnies are fixed, they are free to hop around and chase each other in the yard together (supervised, of course) and greatly enjoy their outdoor time. Mango loves to dig and starts right in as soon as he is let out of his hutch. Shenron, the mother bunny, and her daughter, now named Hopper, love to follow Kiera around for treats and love. They also have Chewy, who tries to chew on just about anything; wood, rocks, even your pant leg if you aren’t careful! Rounding out the crew is Sunshine, who is always the first one to come bounding out of the rabbit hutch and loves to play hide and seek with the family’s cat.

Even though it might sound a little chaotic with five bunnies, the family loves all of them dearly. “These five little rabbits have added so much joy to our lives,” says Desiree. “Because of your low-cost spay/neuter clinic we were able to keep, and save, all of these little creatures.”

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