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Buddy the Coonhound

By S.D. Galindo, M. Ed.

Ashely and Tom are both avid volunteers and have donated their time to different organizations. When living in California, Ashely volunteered for the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek during its early years, and presently volunteers for the Elks and LiveStrong Foundation. Tom is in the Air Force and volunteers for the YMCA and Rescue Mission. When they moved to Fircrest, they knew their big yard needed a dog. A co-worker gave Ashley a pink flyer for Northwest Spay & Neuter Center as soon as they began looking for their “little boy”, and the flyer is still on their refrigerator “waiting to pass on to someone else”, Ashely said. Soon, they found Buddy, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, on CraigsList at 4 months old. His family realized he and his bay were too big for their apartment and that they had to find him a new home. After 30 minutes running around in the yard, everyone knew Fircrest would be Buddy’s home.

Treeing Walker Coonhounds are loving, friendly and have very sensitive feelings. They bond closely with their family, and negative reinforcement training can frighten them and quickly damage trust. They are very smart and can even steal and cache stuff they find interesting. They are also very energetic, inquisitive dogs and need to have plenty of exercise — not just a daily walk — and a lot of time outdoors to be content, so an apartment was definitely not the right place for Buddy.

Buddy’s experience at Northwest Spay & Neuter Center was great, “I think what your organization does is wonderful, and the love you showed my little Buddy was much appreciated”, Ashely said. “Other than my current position I’ve spent most of my time in the non-profit world and I know that it is a labor of love.”

Buddy recovered from the surgery very fast. Back home, he has his carrot treats, ice cubes, Buddy Biscuits, Madison — an 11-year-old turtle that Buddy finds fascinating, and he gets to go to the Bark Park at Chambers Creek. Lots of people and dogs from the park know Buddy and, when he faces the golf course, his distinctive bay echoes off the ridge.

Ten-month-old Buddy’s favorite toy right now is his Froggy, which squeaks and crinkles, but he doesn’t like the pet store so finding entertainment was a matter of trial and error. Before my visit, Ashely had said “He’s a complete ball hog, although he doesn’t play fetch.” However, during the photo session we discovered that Buddy loves fetching as long as we were throwing sticks! The pink ball was still great for tug-of-war with Tom, and Buddy had a few tricks to show off as well. We also discovered that Buddy liked the sunny side of the yard best, where he could lay down on the warm grass and chew on his sticks. However, Ashley says that his favorite place to be after a long day is his bed.

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