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Happy Client Corner

Barn Cats!

By S.D. Galindo, M. Ed.

Last April, Teresa Case was offered a couple of kittens from an employee of the Pet Resort where her two- year-old shepherd, Bergie, goes for fun. Six kittens were rescued with their mom, who was found pregnant in an abandoned car off the side of a rural road. Sonic and Trapper are brothers, now 9 months old, and remain very close and friendly with each other. Siblings who are spayed or neutered early often remain bonded because they don’t develop competitive and territorial behaviors.

Being barn cats, the brothers love exploring in the woods, climbing the trees, napping in the barn, and hanging out with Teresa when she is doing chores outside. They are good hunters and control the mice in the barn, but do also like their chicken flavored treats and moist cat food. They prefer to sleep together nestled in their cat bed in the barn and also like a bin in the barn with a comforter to get cozy in winter. During the warmer months they nap in the sunshine.

The cats are great with Teresa’s two horses, Snickers and Mystic. They drink water from the horses’ trough, and also go into their stalls just to lay down. There are large colorful goldfish in a pond on the property and (so far!) the cats have not shown interest in eating the fish. Grandchildren visit quite often and the kids have learned to be calm with the kittens. Granddaughter, Rylee, is almost 5 years and her brother, Liam, is 3.

Teresa found Northwest Spay & Neuter Center through a search online and found the website most informative. She said:

“I found the complete experience, from the online reservations to the ‘in person’ contacts to be positive. I thank you for providing low-cost spay and neuter services to all income levels. The post-op care instructions were helpful, too. I work in healthcare and many times what falls to the wayside is patient education. Your team should be commended for the printed information provided to clients. (I did find it a bit difficult, and entertaining, trying to keep a cat or two ‘quiet’ as recommended while they were scampering about in the barn.)

I reside in Kitsap County and was not able to find any economic neutering services for those who are not at ‘very low income’ levels. Your program makes doing the right thing, being a responsible pet guardian by having them spayed or neutered, affordable and accessible. Thanks again for all that you do to make things a bit better, one pet family at a time!”

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