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Happy Client Corner

Aries Saxon

By Janie Roy

We are proud to introduce our first Happy Client Corner patient from an area served by our animal shuttle! Aries Saxon is a beautiful young pit bull whose owners live in Grays Harbor County. Janie, Aries’s owner, was happy to tell us a little bit about Aries and his experience with NWSNC!

We got our first pit bull, Shae, last March and have loved her so much we decided we wanted another, but a male this time. We chose Aries Saxon because he is just plain beautiful, with the most amazingly grey eyes and a mellow temperament. With the addition of Aries Saxon, our little family is complete. He and Shae were instant friends and are now inseparable. Where one goes, the other follows.

We decided to have Aries neutered since we had no plans to stud him out, although he is pure. We got our puppies because we love the breed and think, know, they are amazingly brilliant, loyal and loving animals who rarely get a fair shake at life. I ran across a Facebook post about spay and neuter in the Grays Harbor area and contacted Vicki Freeman. [Vicki and Donna Cozad run East County TNR, NWSNC’s very first transport program “rescue partner.” Rescue partners help us networking in their communities and scheduling appointments — we couldn’t do what we do without groups like East County TNR and Cat’s Meow Spay, Neuter, and Adoption Program out of Lewis County!] Vicki was amazing in helping facilitate Aries’s visit and Northwest Spay & Neuter Center was amazing in the way the whole operation ran: organized and polite, helpful and caring. We couldn't have asked for a better opportunity!

Aries... oh Aries... he is a handful. That little mellow personality didn't last long! He is a boy through and through. He is the most loving pup who can't wait to see you in the morning and always has the biggest smile when you get home and yet he is always the first to start the mischief. Quite simply, Aries is my best friend.

Aries is a talker and he always makes sure you hear him! We have a kitten who lives next door and Aries is constantly playing with it. They run around and chase each other. The kitten usually gets the best of Aries though. Ever seen a forty-pound pittie run from a three-pound kitten? It's hilarious. He's my big ole baby. [Thank you for sharing, Janie! It was a pleasure to care for Aries Saxon and we look forward to hosting many more cats and dogs from Grays Harbor County and beyond.]

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